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After confirming that the security system is working properly, we examine all doors, windows, and sliders to verify locks are set and there are no signs of forced entry.

Ceilings and floors are checked for visible signs of roof leaks or plumbing issues.

Interior Services

A/C, humidistat, and thermostat are checked, and proper temperature and humidity is verified.

We visually check for the presence of mold or mildew including all cabinets and storage areas.

We run faucets in sinks, tubs, and showers, flush toilets and monitor the cycle until the tank is refilled and running stops.

Interior Home Watch Services - Premier Home Watch of Jupiter

We check the hot water heater for visual leaks, check the air conditioner, and confirm the refrigerator is working properly.

We check pest control issues, test smoke detectors and replace batteries if necessary.

We check all electrical panels and confirm that all circuit breakers are properly set.

We will add additional services upon your request.

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