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You are about to give the keys to your vacation/seasonal home, one of your most valuable assets, to an individual or company that will go through every room of your home weekly (if they are doing their job properly) when you are not present.

Regardless of whether it’s a relative, a friend, a neighbor, maintenance person, or a home watch business, here are the minimum checks you should complete to determine if they are reliable and trustworthy. Protect your home. Protect yourself.

Check It Out

Check Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations to determine if it is a registered, legitimate business. Premier Home Watch of Jupiter is a Registered Florida Limited Liability Company (#L20000115991).

  • No professional license available in Florida
  • Bonded: Yes
  • Insured: Yes
  • Proof of Insurance – $1,000,000 general liability insurance
  • References: Available
  • Credentials: All employees are Certified Home Watch Professionals and thoroughly vetted by the FHWA.
How To Choose A Home Watch Business - Premier Home Watch of Jupiter

In addition,

you should:

  • Meet someone in person
  • Meet person performing inspections or get their credentials
  • Ask if Premier Home Watch of Jupiter is flexible enough to meet emergency needs.
  • Understand all charges/costs
  • Understand what is included
  • Accept the form of payment
  • Understand storm preparation

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