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While only 9 hurricanes or tropical storms have hit Florida in the last 5 years, the threat is real as anyone who has endured even 1 such event can verify.

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Premier Home Watch of Jupiter works closely with homeowners to establish a customized storm plan that goes into effect when a major storm has been forecast.

  • We move all outdoor furniture to your designated area.
  • We properly store yard art, ornaments, decorations, potted plants, etc.
  • We position one-person Roll-down, Accordion, Bahama, Colonial, and custom design shutters.
  • We turn off circuit breakers to pools and spas.
  • We lower refrigerator and freezer temperatures to their coolest settings in anticipation of outages.
  • We secure the home and perform additional services as agreed.
  • We provide the homeowner with routine updates as the storm approaches.
Storm Preparation - Premier Home Watch of Jupiter


Storm Preparation - Premier Home Watch of Jupiter


Entire neighborhoods are frequently declared “off-limits” by law enforcement until power lines are secured, roads are cleared, and water levels subside.

Once access is granted, we make a thorough property assessment and deliver a detailed status report including photos to the homeowner.

We then reposition all exterior items, remove shutters, and inspect the home for damage.

In a worst-case scenario, we submit photos and a detailed damage report to the homeowner, discuss findings, and upon request arrange necessary repairs and cleanup.

All post-hurricane services are provided according to guidelines established by the local authorities.

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